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I had hoped to have a few more things together before posting this and apprising you of all things Venice, but I think it is important that you know now about the status of my sculpture and its trip to the Biennale. In short I have a very large new piece of sculpture titled "At Play Amongst The Moons" but it will not be going to Venice.

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“The Reinvention of Broken Dreams” holds within its heart the twin polarities of life and death.

For a time, it smells of age and dusty relics. Like forgotten elders it creaks, and crawls, and groans, crying out, beneath the weight of yesterdays. It contains within itself a vestige of all that went before and it yields neither hope nor faith in the future

I think I hear its death rattle coming, a final, ponderous shutter forever and not so far away.

But then the device slogs on and life surges forth, clanking noiselessly away. Even until it is beyond the night, it clanks and invents and reinvents its dreams. Pushing one and pulling another, till broken and not, they are all joined together, one to the other, all one and the same. Twisting them into a confection both bitter and sweet, night and day, awake and in sleep, the machine endures.

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