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I had hoped to have a few more things together before posting this and apprising you of all things Venice, but I think it is important that you know now about the status of my sculpture and its trip to the Biennale. In short I have a very large new piece of sculpture titled "At Play Amongst The Moons" but it will not be going to Venice.

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"Surrealities" Review

My latest show, “Surrealities: The Art of Ed Haddaway and Russ Warren” is on view at Les Yeux du Monde in Charlottesville, Virginia, through March 10th. “Surrealities” was described by C-Ville Weekly journalist Sarah Sargent as:

“A welcome seasonal respite full of joyful, eye-popping work, “Surrealities” also comes with a delightful backstory that speaks to the endurance of friendship and the power of personal convictions.”

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Surrealities: The Art of Ed Haddaway and Russ Warren


Les Yeux du Monde in Charlottesville Virginia is pleased to present:

Surrealities: The Art of Ed Haddaway and Russ Warren
26 January – 10 March 2019
Opening Reception:
Saturday, 26 January, 4 – 6 p.m.
841 Wolf Trap Rd in Charlottesville.

Les Yeux du Monde is pleased to bring together work by sculptor Ed Haddaway and painter Russ Warren in the exhibition Surrealities from January 26 through March 10. These two artists recently reconnected after studying art in the early 1970s at the University of New Mexico.

Despite the years and geographical distance, their art has curious parallels and similarities.  Both are drawn to dreamscapes or magic realism, combining incongruous forms both natural and man-made and brilliant colors, all the while exaggerating underlying contrasts, often in humorous ways.

Thus, they have much in common with the 1920s Surrealist movement in art and literature which aimed to evoke a more profound or deeper reality by elevating dreams, accident and chance over purely rational thinking. This show coincides with a renewed interest in Surrealism as seen in exhibitions around the globe.

It also coincides with the exhibition at Second Street Gallery, In the ArtistsStudio, which will delve into the creative process through the pairing of local photographers and painters, of which Warren is one.

Haddaway, based in Albuquerque has received many awards including two from the National Endowment for the Arts, and has been covered by magazines such as Art in America and ArtNews and most recently Vasari21. His sculpture resides in important public and private collections from coast to coast, and will be featured in the upcoming Venice Biennale.

Warren, now based in Charlottesville, taught art for 30 years at Davidson College, while also showing in exhibitions such as the Whitney Biennial and the Venice Biennale. His work is in many important public and private collections and has been reviewed by such critics as Roberta Smith, Barry Scwabsky, and Carter Ratcliff in catalogues and national and international publications.

There will be an opening reception with the artists on Saturday, January 26 from 4 – 6  p.m. (free and open to the public) and a lunch with the artists on Friday, January 25 (reservations required, $15 per person). The gallery is located at 841 Wolf Trap Rd in Charlottesville. For more information, visit our website, LYDM.co or call 434-973-5566.


“The Reinvention of Broken Dreams” holds within its heart the twin polarities of life and death.

For a time, it smells of age and dusty relics. Like forgotten elders it creaks, and crawls, and groans, crying out, beneath the weight of yesterdays. It contains within itself a vestige of all that went before and it yields neither hope nor faith in the future

I think I hear its death rattle coming, a final, ponderous shutter forever and not so far away.

But then the device slogs on and life surges forth, clanking noiselessly away. Even until it is beyond the night, it clanks and invents and reinvents its dreams. Pushing one and pulling another, till broken and not, they are all joined together, one to the other, all one and the same. Twisting them into a confection both bitter and sweet, night and day, awake and in sleep, the machine endures.

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