Why I want to participate

A friend of mine who showed his work in the Venice Biennale a number of years ago told me that the exposure he got from the exhibit opened up the world to him. 

I too believe this opportunity will allow me to gain more visibility and seek a wider audience.

The Venice Biennale has a world renowned reputation. Also I have spoken to a number of artists who have shown in the past at a GAA Foundation exhibition. All were impressed with the dedication of the people at the GAA and were quite positive about the experience.

One of the primary reasons this show appeals to me is the opportunity to place one of my larger outdoor pieces in a Venice garden park setting.  It will be  accessible to anyone and everyone for 7 months.

I spoke to Mark de Suvero at length about an exhibit he had in 2014 of a number of his larger pieces and I am aware of many of the problems he faced.

Despite the formidable challenges involved I believe this show is important to my career and I will do all I can to capitalize from this exposure .