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In 1992 I put together my first video dealing with my life in the arts: THE CREATIVE PROCESS: INNER ANGUISH. It explored the brutal realities involved in the making of sculpture. I first showed this video in a ridiculously titled exhibition of Albuquerque artists, “Magnifico”, which was held at the Albuquerque Convention Center. I believe artists were asked to say a bit about the process they used in creating their work but I’m not certain. Whatever happened, it resulted in my first video. Then a year later I was asked by the University of New Mexico to show a small body of my work along with a screening of the afore mentioned video. As the time for the show grew near I came across some promotional material released by the University advertising the show and video as “Ed Haddaway, Famous Artist”.

Not wanting to embarrass the University by revealing that they had no idea what my video was about, and having just discovered that my work was prominently featured in a Jackie Collin’s made for TV miniseries, I decided to create a new video exploring the dark underbelly of my newly acquired fame in the art world. I created: BOUND FOR GLORY, BOUND FOR FAME This, my second video, was shown in conjunction with THE CREATIVE PROCESS at the University of New Mexico. I was even able to screen a clip of the Jackie Collin’s miniseries “Lady Boss” during a talk I gave at the opening.It was indeed a thrill to see my work on national TV. .

I am not at all certain what prompted me to create my next video: A READING FROM THE BOOK OF REJECTIONS. Perhaps it was a streak of self-pity which I have long been forced to deal with. These three videos, however, have been shown at various times and places over the years.

In April of 2014, while working with Tara Walch, a producer at KNME (the local PBS affiliate) on a segment of ¡COLORES!, she mentioned that she liked some of my videos. One thing lead to another and I soon found myself with my fourth video: “IT’S EASY”.

I have recently re-edited the older videos into shorter segments for an audience with ADD (which includes most people on the internet). In doing so I have started something I call THE SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATRE. I hope you will enjoy the new versions of my old videos. Nothing is longer than 3 minutes.