NEW VIDEOS: "The Birth of Crash and Burn Productions" and "Three"

While I have utilized the medium before, these videos are somewhat of a departure for me. What I have been working on is a combination of puppetry, stop motion, and various video effects, which hopefully offers a doorway into a new and magical realm.

Long in the making, these videos are just the beginning. As I undertake this exploration I look forward to sharing more videos with you.

note: The videos are short ( together the two of them are 5 minutes long).

This means you don't waste much time and I don’t have to work as hard .


Life lessons are important. Unfortunately, we come by most of them long after they can be useful. 

Such is the truth that became evident in the making of The Birth of Crash and Burn Productions”. 

As I observed while my wife was in labor, birth is a painful experience…… Such was the case with Crash and Burn, but now that my Production Company is alive and well, and has become a more or less functional entity, I can return again to my delusional state. 


This is yet another in a series of exposés of the creative process. Creativity has long had a sordid history and we all need to be more aware of it.

In answer to questions from my readers as to why it is titled "Three" :

Three has always seemed like a good number to me, partly because it is not one or two.

Thus “Three” became “Three” and not "Four" or some other number.