I want to write on a lot of other topics but I’m forced to do some business first.

I have been showing and selling my work since the late 70s, I have tried to be conscientious about maintaining a mailing list and keeping records of which collector bought which sculpture etc. There was an art boom in the 80s and I sold a lot of work. Often galleries do not want artists to know who bought their work as they feared the artists would cut deals directly with the collectors and leave them at times getting information was tough.

At any rate I have mailing lists out the wazoo. A while back it dawned on me that changes of all sort occur in people’s lives. Lives change …my mailing list should change. I rarely changed it.

In fact keeping up with collectors became a full time job. I guess I slacked off in the mail and records department. Other than a few feeble rallies I have pretty well given up the fight.

If you bought a piece of mine years ago you are probably in “File- drawer A…B or C.” I get you out every once in a while and dust you off. Sadly I would rather get to work on something new than keep up with this stuff.

However along with this blog, which is somehow connected to Facebook and twitter, I now have a computerized mailing list. All of this is courtesy of Ashley. All I have to do is not screw it up.

So I am asking people who want to stay in touch to sign my mailing list …either on this site or on Facebook. I promise you will no longer end up in my studio in a cold file drawer but will be safe and warm in my computer.


The management