Ancient History:

Homus Erectus first discovered naked women and created a crude form of the astrological calendar.

Not until 25000 years later did Upper Paleolithic Europeans link the two together creating erotic calendar art.

Cro Magnun man sold their artwork at arts and craft fairs throughout the Mediterranean region. Slaves were forced to carry the walls of caves to portable open-air booths set up on the beaches. Soon the art fairs were so popular that it became necessary to invent the jury process to weed out some of the inferior artists. Wars in Eastern Europe followed.

The New York Art market did not flourish until the dawn of the New Age of Sofas occurred. The concept of matching art to sofas was perfected under Julius Caesar.

Aristotle reasoned that Art was the highest calling of Man-Kind until art critics decided criticism was higher.

The Renaissance actually started as an advertising campaign for a new type of Italian underwear. It soon spread as people were captivated by the jingles and slogans.

While its clear that Art has been considered somewhat necessary since man first walked upon the earth, people still refuse to admit it.

In recent years, technology and photo-shop have altered our perceptions, casting the need for art in doubt.

Primitive man used art in religious rituals involving animal and human sacrifice. CNN has replaced all that and many people now do their sacrificing in the privacy of their own homes.

Do I think that we as a society have outgrown artistic expression?

As an artist I am not qualified to say.

Only Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie know the answer to these questions.

I can however offer a short homily from a friend of mine, which I hope will shed some light on the subject:

Murt, who is a well-regarded artist, had been having difficulty selling his artwork.

Some people say the American economy can no longer sustain frivolous activities like art and clothing manufacture.

Murt was in Wal-Mart one day when he became lost in the kitchenware section.

As he ventured forth from aisle to aisle Murt located a number of other Wal-Mart shoppers, some who had been lost since 2002.

One lady had given birth to 3 sets of twins in the last 5 years in the candy section.

Soon people were huddled around Murt asking for help.

Remembering the myth of Sisyphus, Murt realized that he could use a ball of twine to lead himself and others out of Wal-Mart. Later he remembered that it wasn’t the myth of Sisyphus at all but rather another myth entirely.

This one was where the Minotaur occupied a labyrinth in Crete and the ball of twine comes in handy. Once he explained all this to the other people trapped in Wal-Mart everyone was amazed that an artist could lead them out of the pits of despair. Once the people left Wal-Mart they all went home happy.

Yet no one bought Murt's artwork.

I tell you this story to remind you that you can't find arcane knowledge like this on TV (unless you watch the history channel).

So it would seem that Art is probably a necessity.

If not now maybe it will be soon.