......But I do want to talk about Lawyers however.

I think I am at last emerging from a “midlife crises” which has griped me this past year. I assume most of you are young, and you may not yet understand the relationship between Lawyers and a “mid life crises”, but let me assure you there is a definite relationship.

I will not go into all the cultural myths of those in the throws of mid-life.

Most of you assume it has something to do with red sports cars, Viagra and women and you may be right, but my ”mid life crises”  has been about art, money and lawyers.

For my fifty third year I hired a lawyer…an art lawyer in fact.

It all has something to do with the city of Albuquerque, a large commission, the Army Corps of Engineers, the city council, a Zoo director, a woman and her husband who went to Tibet, a man with some money.  4 years of my life, Prozac, water, trees, imagination,indigestion,  Zen and God.

I cussed a lot more than usual during this last year. I confessed to my friends that I haven’t been so mad since I had to deal with my ex wife.

It has affected my artwork drastically and I am now working on a series I call “Letters to my Lawyer”

In fact I am still mad and don’t want to talk about it…. but since I brought it up let me say this: If you are considering a life in the arts, hire a lawyer before you start.

Lawyers get lots of money.

You will want to learn to do their jobs for them so that you can save your money.

It’s not really all that hard.

First learn to type.