I recently received the following email:

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From: CODAmagazine Editor <>

To: edhaddaway <>

Sent: Mon, Sep 14, 2015 2:49 pm

Subject: Your Human Form Submission

Hi Ed,

I hope this finds you well. I’m sorry to say that your work was not selected for the The Human Form issue of CODAmagazine. Our editorial team really enjoyed viewing your submission and thought that it was extremely strong, but we ultimately felt that it wasn’t a perfect fit for this issue.

Your presence on CODAworx is greatly appreciated however, and we’d love to see you upload more Projects into our Project Library and to submit to future issues of CODAmagazine.

If you have any questions about your opportunities with CODAworx, feel free to contact your Member Marketing Consultant, Sally at as she is a great resource to learn about what CODAworx has to offer!

Thank you and best wishes,

Danny Zawacki

CODAmagazine Editor


This was my reply:

September14 2015

Dear Danny

I hope my email finds you well as well. I found your rejection letter today in the spam folder of my computer. I don't think its been there long, so Im assuming it is still fresh.

Upon reading it, I was quite moved, but I think it might be necessary to clarify a few things.

I did not submit any of my work for your "The Human Form" issue of CODA magazine.

In fact in the last year I have not submitted anything for any reason to your magazine.

However, in spite of this, I was pleasantly surprised to receive your very nice rejection letter.

If my memory serves me correctly, you did reject my work over a year ago when I did in fact submit something to your magazine.

While I do receive a number of rejection letters from time to time, they are all preceded by some effort on my part. Yours is the first unsolicited rejection I have received. And I am delighted that you have apparently decided to put me on your recurring rejection letter list. I feel quite fortunate to be included.

I have found that all such letters are special to me and I have come to cherish each and every one of them.

Because yours was so special I want to inquire as to the possibility of your sending more than one rejection a year?

If necessary I will submit more of my work to you for your rejection.

However since you have sent this latest one unsolicited, perhaps you can send them quarterly, or even monthly, without my having to do anything.

Your attention to this is greatly appreciated

Also I am glad you reminded me of your Member Marketing Consultant, Sally.

I spoke to her often during my early association with CODA. She may still remember me. During the time I stopped sending money to CODA and downgraded my subscription, Sally was greatly concerned.

Please let her know I am doing well, in spite of scaling back my commitment.

I too have hired a Marketing Consultant. At present she is only working part time, as her salary is somewhat meager. But I am hoping that this will work out and that I will soon be able to hire her full time.

If you would like to contact her, her email is Her name is Barbara Forshay and she has been my wife for a little over 25 years.

Feel free to email her with any of your concerns or suggestions.

I want you to know that your presence is also greatly appreciated and we do look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you and best wishes.

Ed Haddaway