I recently ran across an article in a scientific journal that I find somewhat disturbing.

Scientists who specialize in the study of rats have also begun to take notice of creative people.

Although there is a marked similarity in the two groups the scientists have determined that rats are better adjusted to their environments by a factor of 14.

I have no idea what this means but not wanting to admit there is anything wrong with artists, I have concluded that this is really society’s fault.

From time to time I plan to explore cultural myths about the arts and artists that have contributed to such maladjustments. Perhaps with a bit of understanding more artists will be able to survive “the winters of (their) discontent”


This is a seemingly benign statement, which really masks society’s antipathy and rancor towards artists.

Coming from a quote by Pablo Picasso it was misstated by a writer named Fernando Slongg.

The full quote according to Mr. Slongg is :

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

Mr Slongg left out the word “my” between “all and ”children”.

In reading his notes and source materials I believe Picasso was actually referring to his own children by Olga Blypi.

Picasso had an affair with Olga while he was married to 2 other unidentified women in the spring and summer of 1917. He and Olga had 7 children all of whom were artists…..none of them very good.

It is important to realize that Picasso was speaking literally of his own children rather than making a universal statement.

Mistakes like this are common in world history and lead to a great deal of confusion.

Napoleon was shot because of a similar situation although he recovered.

Clearly not ALL children are artists. Some are better at computer games.

Perhaps because children are born relatively young and are incapable in their formative years of doing anything truly useful, adults like to perceive them as highly imaginative and creative.

Major crayon manufacturers take advantage of these idealistic parents and target young children. Once hooked on crayolas and finger paints some of these children go on to colored pencils and harder art supplies.

Over a lifetime thousands of dollars worth of paper not to mention paint and other materials are thus wasted in the pursuit of art.

It has also been found that Scotch Tape leaves a dangerous chemical residue on refrigerator doors, which can work its way into the food chain.

In conclusion although parents want to believe the best about their children the reality is their artwork sucks. In the entire world there are only 6 or 7 really good artists in every generation. The rest of them are forced to sell their so-called art at garage sales and by the side of the road.

It is a sad site to see a 5 year old covered in finger paint and dirt hawking his or her latest painting outside of a Circle K.

Unfortunately because of lax labor laws authorities can do nothing about it.

The best solution is to find the really good artists who have blogs and web sites and support them. If you are unsure of which artists are worthy of your support please email me I will make some suggestions.