Real world:

It is cold and snowing. I can do nothing outside. I cannot create. I am racked with guilt over my wasted life. My dog no longer responds to my voice. She finds solace only in bones.

Imaginary world:

Yesterday I began working on a new post entitled “Acme Dreams Inc.” It will chronicle some of the difficulties I have had over the years creating and marketing my artwork.

Today I decided to re-read what I had written. The first 700 or so pages were not bad. However, I have been warned by people familiar with the internet and web sites such as this, that it is not wise to post long diatribes. Evidently people are merely amusing themselves on the internet and do not have the time for serious matters….such as my life.

Whether what I wrote was a diatribe or not is debatable. It is long. I can admit that. I will edit edit edit until I am certain that it will enthrall you, my readers.

Be patient.