"With A Noisy And Amusing Absurd"

My minds eye blinks only at dawn. It will no longer rest or weep as it searches ceaselessly for the bits and pieces that it might have missed.

It grows larger every yesterday that I can count….

I take it out and put it back trying hard to pacify its waking glance. It demands I feed it without ceasing. I fear it shall devour me as the night comes on.

I stare at the pictures in my mind that have fallen into fragments along their way to dust.

The rabbits dart across the path begging me to confuse the day.

I stare in light and dark, at shadows twisted long ago by sleep ......now the fragments have become as familiar as family ghosts.

They light up on cue and bounce about..... yet fail to yield if I ask for more.

If I could I would draw you a map and guide you to a sandy trail that twists and winds then straightens as it nears the beach.

It is there and you can reach it.

The map I will not draw would take you there.

I draw instead a map to places you cannot go.