Murt (not his real name) and I have been good friends for a while now. Murt is an artist…..a well known artist.

Its hard having artist friends.

I often wonder if they will drink absinthe and cut off their ears ….or maybe my ears.

One never knows when dealing with artists.

Murt and I have rather far ranging discussions that often include many of the impenetrable quandaries that our cluttered lives contain.  I sent him an early rendition of this web site and waited patiently for him to tell me how wonderful it was. I waited a while longer. Finally today I called Murt (as I’m not all that good at waiting) and we engaged in one of our usual enriching conversations.

ED….” Murt, I think my website will delve into many of the more important aspects of Carl Jung’s collective unconscious.

MURT….”What kind of money do you expect to make from a web site like that ?”

Almost all art conversations get down to money eventually

MURT …..“ Why don’t you just stick with your old web site? …it has art in it”

I patiently explained my comprehensive marketing strategy to him:                               “First you get people on the internet to enjoy reading wonderful stories about your life and times. You come up with these new stories every week.                                                Then after a while they get to know the real you and they feel sorry for you or something.... and before you know it they buy a 30 foot tall sculpture and you can go to Hawaii ” I said

“YOU WANT PEOPLE TO FEEL SORRY FOR YOU?” Murt asked abruptly, raising his voice.“You WANT pity ?! ……PITY?!... You’re think you are going to use PITY to sell your art?!!”

“Well not pity exactly….” I demurred…..” maybe its something like….                                    I wanted to use the term “empathy” …..but at that moment words failed me ….       Suddenly I was lost in deep thought...

What was it I was after? Perhaps it WAS pity I sought.

“You CANNOT use PITY to sell ART!!.....” Murt exclaimed,loudly.                                  “People want to buy art because they think you are RICH and FAMOUS !!!                      NOT because they pity you !”  he went on….                                                                          “You have to make collectors think that owning YOUR ART is a PRIVELEGE !!!”

“You want me to lie?’ I asked.

“ I’ll GO TO HELL BEFORE  I USE ......”  Murt’s words were roaring now....                                    but I was lost in thought….

Then a strange silence engulfed us…

“Well uh…. I AM rich and famous “ I finally stammered… “and well… uh… …people will read about me on my blog and be reminded that my art is…. uh….really good and they will buy my art .....and I’ll get richer and more famous and .....uh .......galleries will show my work in New York and Paris and …and ….and….uh…."

Clearly I was shaken…perhaps to the core.

“What WERE my true motivations?” I asked myself ……Sure I want to bring peace and harmony to the world, create masterpieces, and answer life’s essential questions  ........ but don’t I really want to do more? Cure cancer …save children and dogs from burning buildings … my fingers through Brittany Spears’ hair … know, really be ALIVE !

"Maybe being brilliant and creative isn’t all I thought it would be….”

THERE !…. I had said it !...or rather thought it!                                                                         Now I would have to face the implications of it

MURT HAD WOKEN SOMETHING DEEP INSIDE ME...... “ THE ART WORLD REALLY SUCKS....” I whispered quietly to myself ......the words lingering like a peculiar odor.




"Maybe being brilliant and creative isn’t all I thought it would be….”

THERE !…. I had said it !...or rather thought it!                                                                         Now I would have to face the implications of it

Murt had awoken something deep within me… “I will soldier on no matter what ! " I said out loud